Is there a way via API to find events not tracked in activity log?

I’ve noticed that there are some events that can’t be tracked in the activity log, namely creation of a workspace and creation of a board (as the log starts on a board level, and there’s nothing saying ‘board created’). Also, I’ve noticed that any ‘duplicate’ functions are represented in the log as ‘create’ functions, with AFAIK no way of distinguishing between them and true create functions. I’m wondering if there’s a way to be able to track these things via the API functionality, such as some kind of higher-scoped activity log, or some variable I don’t know about that can tell me if something is a duplication. Or if there is a way within the Monday system to store records of these kinds of activities.


Hi @Msh,

I’m afraid that at this time, our API does not currently support logging the two activities that you mentioned (i.e. when a board is created, or when a board has been duplicated). You are indeed correct that our activity logs work on a board level, not an account level.

However, if you are the admin of the account, you actually do have access to some more account-wide data on when a board has been deleted or created in the “Tidy Up” section. If your account is on an Enterprise plan, you will also have access to The Audit Log. You can use these features.

I am also going to forward your feedback to our Product team for consideration.