Is there a work around for assigning users or teams to tasks in a Workspace Template?

Hey there :wave: So, I haven’t had much luck finding a solution here & support suggested I post in the Community forums, so here I am. For added context, this is the first “App” I’ve ever attempted building out in Monday, so if anyone has suggestions on additional resources that may help guide me through this, it would be appreciated :pray:

Essentially, I’ve created a Workspace Template app for internal use only. This works great, except as part of it, I have a Board that essentially functions as an onboarding checklist. This board contains a lot of tasks that are pre-assigned to teams/roles & a notification automation that’s meant to notify a group when a specific trigger happens. Upon Workspace creation, the Person column is empty & the automation is deactivated because the Someone variable is empty.

I’ve been told that the reason for this is that Workspace templates are intended to be used to share workspaces with other accounts. Since the people column & automation contained people/teams who are specific to our account, these details are not copied over.

This works fine if I template the original board & add that to the Workspace afterwards, but really hoping to build this process in as part of the App itself, so we don’t need to assign users to 60 tasks every time we run the app or add more boards afterwards to an already templated Workspace.

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As you mentioned, for workspace templates, the column value of the people column will not be sent over to the newly created board.

What do you think about just duplicating the board?

If you duplicate a board with all its items, the people column’s value will stay the same.

You can either duplicate it manually, or create an app that duplicates the board when something occurs.

You could use a custom action and our API for it.

Let me know what you think!


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+1 to what Matias said.

Creating a board from a template inside your own account will also preserve the column values and assignments (a board template, not workspace template).

Therefore, you can use an automation to create a board from a template when something happens. If you have a board with all your new joiners on it, you can set an automation to create a board from the template when a new item is created (or a status changes).

Here’s an example:

Thanks for the responses here @dipro & @Matias.Monday, they’re both very helpful. Regarding the automation, would this run into the same issue of the automation breaking if it references a board that lives in our account rather than the app?

Do either of you know if it’s possible to essentially chain these actions in a single app using custom actions? Basically the “trigger” in this case would be using the app, as we wouldn’t want this for every new workspace, just the ones generated via the app.

User creates new Template Workspace via app > Workspace is generated > Duplicate/templated board is automatically added to that workspace

Otherwise, I think the best option here might just be to rely on documentation/training & have a user run the templated workspace app & then add the templated onboarding checklist.

Hello @Megna,

If you use an automation as Dipro suggested, the board created from the template will still have the same user assigned in the people column and the automation will remain as it was.

You can do anything you see in our API documentation when using custom actions. The custom action will just notify your app when something happens, what you do after that, depends on you. If you can see it in the documentation, you can do it :grin:

That would be duplicating the board with a mutation from the API when you get a request from our server to the endpoint you chose in your custom action.

Again, if you use a workspace template, the people column will not be populated.

Let me know if you have any other questions!


Thanks Matias!

Re: the automation, I meant if that was used within the workspace template itself but yeah that all makes sense. Looks like I’m off to deep-dive the API documentation & see what I can learn, thanks again for the links & suggestions :facepunch:


Sounds good!