Is there an automation that would let me update pulses in a group?

So I have a project where each task (pulse) has 5 steps. When a pulse is added, Step 1 is to attach a specific status (like start). Easy peasy. Next: Steps 2-5 comprise a checklist of 4 things that need to be done. I am trying to get away from having to recreate the checklist as an update Every. Single. Time. I get a new project.

Looking to create an automation that will do the following: When Status (Step 1) changes to [assigned] add [checklist items] to Update.

I thought I could do this with Integromat, but I can only get the trigger to work: Watch a group for change in a status column.

Even though I can watch a group for specific activity, there is no action that lets me update individual pulses in that group. All the options isolate on having to select 1 specific pulse.

Ideas and workarounds welcome.

Are they the same 4 things for every pulse @ReadingTub? Maybe you could create one pulse wiht the checklist items as an update. Then when you create a new pulse you actually just duplicate with updates that template pulse instead of creating a new pulse.

Yes and no. They are the same for one group of pulses but not the other 3 groups.

It seems to me that if I can watch a group with an integration, I should be able to select pulses to that group in an automation.

Oh! And some of the pulses are sent to the group via email, so the duplication would not work for them.

Well shoot. Sorry that won’t work.

Hi, I think I have a similar problem.
I want to enter a new pulse- Carrot harvest by 20 Dec.
And a couple of predefined pulses for creating carrots will populate a specific board and the due dates will update to make sure all the pulses regarding harvesting carrots will be done by 20 Dec.

Here also interested in potential solutions