Is there any change in available column types in application UI and APIs for default boards

We are using boards and we are adding columns to boards. As per the API documentation for [Create column]( there are 30 predefined types provided and user of the API can add new column of type from this 30 predefined types.

What is the behavior on UI for same instance with same plan. Is the UI will also contains only this 30 predefined types or any addition to predefined types?

If UI supports more types than predefined 30 types, is it possible to retrieve them in retrieve columns?
If it is possible then how the types will be shown in retrieve response
if it is not part of predefined type then how it will be handled while creating column value using API.


Hello @prasmadd !

The types you see in the documentation are the ones you can use for that mutation (create_column). Other columns like formula columns or connect boards columns can’t be used for that mutation.

You can check for the references about how to use these columns (the ones that are supported) with the API here. And you can query the supported ones.

In the UI you can check all the available columns clicking on the “+” button for creating a new column in the board.