Is this even possible with a custom app?

I have a client that wants a custom app integrated into their boards and I am trying to figure out if this is possible. I have been playing around with the SDK and creating basic apps using the react tutorials and it seems like this is not possible.

They want to be able to send one-off text/emails to certain subsets of their boards. They want to be able to click a button that pops up a dialog with an input/textarea where they can type their message and then click send text or send email and do a mass send.

For example: Board A has 6 groups in it, with each group pertaining to a location (city) within the state. They want to send a mass text update to groups 1 & 2 because a storm is coming that will be affecting their city, so they would click a “Send Text” button and they could choose a group of people, type in the message, and then send it using Twilio

I’m not seeing how this is possible with a custom view or widget, but maybe I just don’t have a full understanding yet of what is possible.

Could someone with a bit more experience building custom apps weigh in on this, please?

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That’s an interesting use case. I don’t actually think you need anything custom for that. It can be accomplished with built-in triggers.
Something like that board:
Then you can use twillio integration:
Screen Shot 2020-09-01 at 10.33.06 pm
Status Changes To Active send SMS to Phone
Simular can be done for email. They should be able to easily select groups using interface.

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I am not able to accomplish it with Triggers as far as I can tell. That just sends a predetermined text message to one customer when a specific column changes to a value.

They want to be able to click a button, write a custom message, and then send it to multiple customers/board items

Yes - it’s possible. You will need to maintain your own backend system though.

It’s really just like any other application, except in Monday you embed the application with an iFrame.

I have some repos that I can share (didn’t quite finish everything for recent hackathon) that can probably help.


Sure, that would be wonderful if you could share some

Hey @nbeers22 - welcome to the community!

@kamescg is correct - this should be possible, but would require your own backend system.

If we can assist with anything else - please let us know!


I have already built a basic Laravel back end for some custom integrations I did previously that handles OAuth and some basic emails with SendGrid, so I could probably just expand that for now for a MVP/prototype for the client.

Thank you for your answers @dsilva - I at least have some idea of how to go about this now and what is possible.

@kamescg - If you wouldn’t mind sharing those repos with me, I would greatly appreciate it!