Issue creating templated boards through API

When I create new boards, they get created as blank new boards. But when I pass the template ID to be used, it returns a “CreateBoardException” error from the Monday API. I read on another forum that we need to enable developer tools in our Monday account to create templated boards through the API, but we’ll want to be able to do this in more than one account as we plan on using this for an app on the marketplace. Below is an image of the error I’m getting, the query runs fine without the highlighted “template_id” parameter.

Hi @MattB
Welcome to the community. I do exactly the same in some of our marketplace apps. I don’t believe the user adding the app to the board needs developer tools. Are you sure the template)id given is a real monday account template? Doe it have the magic wand before the board name when you open it?

Hi @MattB, welcome to our community!

Where are you getting this template_id from? Is it from a board that you created and then turned into a template?

Or one of the template boards that we offer?

Let me know!

Hi All, sorry for the long delay in response time. Turns out the board wasn’t set as an actual template, so that would be why. Thanks!

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