Issue creating webhook with multiple events using API v2

There is no option to create a webhook with multiple events and If I create multiple webhook for each events. Then the webhook is acting weird

  • sometimes the webhook is trigger only one time or
  • the webhook is triggered multiple time or
  • the webhook is not at all been triggered

hi @prashant_betacrew

Welcome to the community. Through the API you can create multiple webhooks to multiple endpoints. I do this all the time. It looks like you have multiple webhooks triggering on the same event. For example: if you have a generic change column event AND a specific change column event they will both fire when the specific column is changed.

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@basdebruin Could you please help me creating a webhook for multiple event in a single API call. And Yes I have to trigger multiple webhook for same event and suggest me how to do

hi @prashant_betacrew

I didn’t mean to say that this could be done in a single API call. What I meant was that you can make multiple API calls to setup webhooks that point to the same endpoint. In many of our apps we have create_item and change_column events calling the same endpoint in our apps.