Issue querying with Google Apps Script

Wondering if there’s anything wrong with my query in trying to pull users from the v2 API or if it’s a Google Apps Script issue. I keep getting “No query string was present” as my response when executing this code.

Hey @don-ts ,

in your query you shouldn’t insert the newline command.
You can either write it like this to make it readable:

query { 

or just:

query { users{ id email } }


Hey @don-ts - could you try @TMNXT-Dev’s suggestion and let us know if it helped?


Oh, thanks all for the replies! Sorry for the really late response…

I recently tried both suggestions and they still return that response. The query I initially posted was generated from some site which allows me to test queries and it worked there, but when I copied into Google Apps Script I get that error. Maybe it really is a Google Apps Script issue?

Anyway, the purpose of this is so I can add a new employee’s monday ID into our db, particularly after a new user in our workspace gets created. If there’s a sort of webhook that detects when new users get added onto, I’d love to know.

Hey @don-ts,

while I don’t have an answer regarding the webhook, you could try and copy this query:

`query { 
  users(newest_first: true){