Issue querying with Google Apps Script

Wondering if there’s anything wrong with my query in trying to pull users from the v2 API or if it’s a Google Apps Script issue. I keep getting “No query string was present” as my response when executing this code.

Hey @don-ts ,

in your query you shouldn’t insert the newline command.
You can either write it like this to make it readable:

query { 

or just:

query { users{ id email } }


Hey @don-ts - could you try @TMNXT-Dev’s suggestion and let us know if it helped?


Oh, thanks all for the replies! Sorry for the really late response…

I recently tried both suggestions and they still return that response. The query I initially posted was generated from some site which allows me to test queries and it worked there, but when I copied into Google Apps Script I get that error. Maybe it really is a Google Apps Script issue?

Anyway, the purpose of this is so I can add a new employee’s monday ID into our db, particularly after a new user in our workspace gets created. If there’s a sort of webhook that detects when new users get added onto, I’d love to know.

Hey @don-ts,

while I don’t have an answer regarding the webhook, you could try and copy this query:

`query { 
  users(newest_first: true){


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Figured it out… the query itself wasn’t the issue.

The key “body” was actually supposed to be called “payload” for Google Apps Script.

Again, thanks for your help!


Interesting, thanks for the update :slight_smile:

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@don-ts I’m glad you wer e able to tackle this on your own, that’s awesome! Definitely something to keep in mind, I love that share!


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