Issue setting up node.js development environment

I’m working through the Quickstart Guide and have installed node.js for VS Code following this tutorial. I did not install the Express package. I can see the node.js version is v18.16.1, and npm is v9.5.1. The package from also installed chocolatey v2.0.0. Is there another step I’m missing? Because when I attempt to setup the dev environment for Monday - by copying and running the npx command from within my account - I get the following:

It looks like npm is in the path:
Screenshot 2023-06-22 153518

Hello @jsararas,

I am sorry for the late reply!

I wanted to check if you could resolve the issue. If not, I could check with our team here to see if someone has seen such error message before.

Looking forward to hearing from you!


Thanks @Matias.Monday, I managed to get past that error. I’ve gone through the Quickstart guide but it doesn’t really resemble the platform in it’s current state. Like the guide says to modify class App() in App.js, but there is nothing like that in the src\App.js that downloaded. Is there some more current documentation or webinars on app development that can serve as some sort of guide for what to learn at each step of the process?

Hi @jsararas,

Thanks for bringing this to our attention! I see what you mean regarding the quickstart. I’ve brought this up to the team so we can hopefully get it updated ASAP :raised_hands:

Hey Jeff, I see the trouble. The code examples in the quickstart are outdated after we switched over to using React Hooks.

The purpose of the quickstart is to demonstrate a simple web app working in an iframe using our SDK methods.

If you want to update the text in the attention box, try updating the attentionBoxText string: attentionBoxText string

You can also add more of our React components to the app inside the return() block: Return block in app.js

Thanks @dipro I DM’d you. @rachelatmonday if you have any other resources to share I’d really appreciate it!

Hi @jsararas,

All available resources are in our documentation or here in the community!