Issue with connecting

Just FYI, the GraphQl server is showing but not always : ": An Unexpected error occurred " in front of a whitescreen. This happened yesterday. I was able to connect to it last night however the problem is persisting today as well. I just assumed that it was an issue with launch.

Let me know whatever else information you need. I’m sorry for the trouble but I figured you guys should know about it if you don’t already, or perhaps its just on my end, unsure what would cause such an issue.

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Hey @kevinmarchese – strange. Is this happening on the GraphQL Explorer page (ie,

Exactly, yes. the moment you click on it the token window pops up, but then quickly goes away, and error happens.

Thanks. Sent you an email to get this figured out :slight_smile:


Do you mind sending to my personal email, idk what is happening with MS and all the filtering.

Just sent it – let me know if you don’t receive it and we can figure something else out.