Issues Integrating Custom SDK with API

I’m currently working on integrating a custom SDK with the API for my project management needs. However, I’ve encountered some challenges and could use some guidance from the community.

Here’s the scenario: I’ve developed a custom SDK in [programming language] to interact with the Monday. com API, aiming to streamline various processes within our project management workflows. The SDK is designed to handle authentication, querying, and updating data seamlessly.

However, I’m facing the following issues:

  1. Authentication Problems:
  • Despite following the authentication process outlined in the Monday. com API documentation, I’m encountering authentication errors. Are there any common pitfalls or best practices I should be aware of when implementing authentication with the Monday. com API using a custom SDK?
  1. Data Retrieval Issues:
  • While attempting to retrieve data from our Monday. com boards using the SDK’s query functions, I’m not receiving the expected results. It seems like the queries are not being executed correctly, or the response structure is not as expected. How can I troubleshoot and debug these issues effectively within the SDK?
  1. Error Handling and Resilience:
  • I want to ensure that the SDK gracefully handles errors and timeouts when communicating with the Monday. com API. What are some recommended strategies or patterns for implementing robust error handling and retry mechanisms within the SDK to improve its resilience?
  1. Performance Optimization:
  • As our usage of the SDK grows, I’m starting to notice performance bottlenecks, especially when dealing with large datasets or frequent API calls. Are there any performance optimization techniques specific to integrating with the Monday. com API that I should consider implementing in the SDK?

I would appreciate any insights, tips, or suggestions from the community members who have experience integrating custom SDKs with the Monday. com API. Additionally, if anyone has encountered similar challenges or has successfully implemented a custom SDK for Monday. com, I would love to hear about your experiences and learn from them.

Thank you in advance for your assistance!

Hello there @joeroot,

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