Issues with Authorization url in Feature Integrations

I am building an integration with recipes and will like users to be redirected to my app for authentication before configuring the recipes. So I added a Authorization Url to the feature. Since I am still in development, I used an ngrok url.
I get this error when I try to configure the recipe as a normal user would “Sorry, something went wrong, please try again or contact the app developer” .
The peculiar thing is that, I noticed it successfully redirected the user to my app url on a few tries but most of the time it just fails with the error above. If I remove the authorization url, I still get the error above but the user can still go ahead and add the recipe to the board. Any help will be appreciated

Hello there @Keem and welcome to the community!

Would you please send this information to including:

  • Your account’s ID
  • A screen recording / screenshot of the issue
  • The App ID
  • A timestamp of the last time this happens (location, date, hour and minute)

Our technical support team will take a look into it.


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