It there a built in method or function to return connected items in another board

I’m looking for a way to place the number of connected items in another connect board into an number collumn. in landlords i would like to see how many properties.

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Let me know if I understand correctly. You have a “connect_boards” column and a “numbers” column. You want to know how many items are connected in the “connect_boards” column and show that number in the “numbers” column. Is that accurate?

If so, you can check the number of items with a query like this one:

  items(ids: 123456789) {
    column_values(ids: "connect_boards") {

You would need to change the ID of the column for your column’s ID if it is different.

Then you can check the number of results you get (with a script on your end), and then you can send that number to the “numbers” column with a mutation like this one:

mutation {
    board_id: 1122334455
    item_id: 1234567890
    column_id: "numbers"
    value: "10"
  ) {

Let me know if that is what you were looking for!


To add on to what Matias said:

The next version of our API contains an update for the connect-boards column to make accessing linked items easier.

Introducing the BoardRelationValue type

These column values have the BoardRelationValue type, which contains some useful fields on it:

Using this in a query

Specifically you can grab the linked_item_ids field and check its length, with a query like this:

query {
  boards (ids:12345) {
    items_page (limit:25) {
      items {
      	column_values {
        	...on BoardRelationValue {

How to switch API versions

Oh, and you can switch API versions using these instructions.

Let me know if that helps.


Thak you for your help. I’m not sure where I would run a query. Your solution is probably over my head. I was looking for a solution to capture those counts already done in Monday and put the number in a field such as this.


Hey Dennis – I understand now, thanks for letting us know. Your post was in the developers’ section so we immediately jumped to a custom development solution :cowboy_hat_face: Sorry about that!

So, to recap – you’re looking to count the number of items on a board, using something like a formula column.

You can do this by using the #count helper in the formula column:

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