Item column displaying into a column in the sub items


I have a column on an item and I need it to replicate it on the columns of my sub-items without copying and pasting. But since is a location I don’t know how could I do it.

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Hi @Viviana - the easiest way to do this would be to add a connected board column to your subitem, then choose your current board as the board to connect. Then create a mirror column and mirror the location from the main item.

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Hi, Thanks for your help. This is a good idea but then I would spend more time looking for an specific item (in a huge list of items) in order to get the value that I need :slightly_frowning_face: . Is becoming to redundant. I was thinking more like a formula (Vlookup) kind of.

Thank you for your help.

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Hi @Viviana,

Unfortunately, there’s no way you can bring in the value of a parent item to a subitem without connecting it via a connected boards column. If you’d like to, I’d be interested to have a conversation with you around your set up and what you’d like to get out of Sometimes it can be helpful to have another pair of eyes and a different perspective on it.

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Mark’s suggestion is a good one.

And it is possible to automate linking the subitems back to the parent, just not with base monday.

One solution is the VLOOKUP app in the app marketplace. Another solution would be to use Make (or similar) to create a simple update. Both VLOOKUP and Make offer a free level that may be enough to do what you need.

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