Item Column Types Within Boards

Hi all. Perhaps someone has already posted about this, but it’s enough of a frustration for me that I thought I’d create my first post on this forum.

I am new to I work as the administrative coordinator for a small nonprofit that just transitioned to using this platform. One of my major frustrations with the site so far has been around columns within boards. I work on a diverse range of projects, but they are mostly housed within one board. I prefer this because it’s easier to visualize everything I’m working on at once. Recently, I’ve been running across issues with column types. For some projects on the board, I want mirroring columns, formulas, or file links. For others, I want status, people, and notes. However, when I change column type for one of my groups, it changes across the board.

Why won’t let me change the columns just for a group within a board? Do I need to create a whole new board for each project, just to meet my column needs?

I’d love to see this implemented as a new feature, but in the meantime - any suggestions or workarounds?

Hi @emcarr,

In Monday, groups are just a group of items in a board (same as in Excel).
The column types will always be the same across one board.

What I could suggest if you feel confortable, is using multiple boards (each will have the relevant columns) and fetch the info from all of them in a High Level Board?
Or you could just create all the columns you need, and use VIEWS in your board to show/hide groups and columns.