Item copy error (through automatization)

Hello Everybody

I have several issues which I hope, that I might solve here with your help.

At first I will need to introduce you into our work-flow.
We work on the basis, that when one of our artist completes item, he was working on and changes the status, then this item is automatically copied to our “invoicing board” through automatization we created. (I have attached screenshot with automatization as “Automatization_invicing_artist”).

The point is that part of the automatization is that it should automatically copy the name of the user who completed the item and apply it to the item. Together with item itself. (as attached in automatization_invoicing_artist2). This way it worked for several months and everything was ok.

Unfortunately recently it stopped working (on 10.9.2021) and it moves the item into our invicing board, but without name of the artist – which makes it hard for us to recognize who has worked on specific item. I have attached example as (invoicing_board_example).
You can see, that first 2 items still have artist included (it was not added by us), but lately as I wrote it does not copy the users anymore.

Similar issue occurs on more of our boards, another example is from our board “Number of feedbacks by client” – This always worked the way, that when some item received feedback on specific project board, then it automatically copied the notification into “Number of feedbacks by client” board with information which artist received the feedback and who was the supervisor – again it stopped working this way, as it does not copy information who was the artist and who was supervisor.

Could you please let me know what we can do with it and if there is some solution of how we could fix it?

Please let me know.

Thank you very much ahead.

Nikolas Pekárek

hi @NikolasPekarek

Welcome to the community. This is really weird especially because you stated it has been working before. Was the the exact same automation? Another thing that might be in play here is board permissions and board types. If you want to add a person to a people column (in this case the artist name in a column in the invoicing board) that person needs to be exposed to the board. Can you manually pick the artist in the invoicing board? If not, it looks like the artist is not exposed to the invoicing board.

Hope this make sense.

Hello @basdebruin,

Thank you for your reply. Yes, it was working before - this is the weirdest part. Yes, it was this automatization. About permissions - you are right, that on neither of those 2 boards artists which should be applied to items through automatization does not have access and they are not added there, however what i do not understand is why it was working and suddently it stopped.

And also, we have one board where is the same issue, but here all users are added to the board, so i am not sure, if this is the reason why it stopped working.

Do you think that there might be some other reason?

hi @NikolasPekarek

That is strange. The only scenario I can think of is a really weird one. I have seen situations that assigning a person to a column while that person has no exposure to the board look like successful (the person appears in the column). However, when refreshing the board (e.g. browser refresh) the person is not assigned in the column. It is possible that you thought it was working before but in reality it failed. This is a monday issue.

In general, to be able to assign a person to a column, that person should be exposed to that board. So, for example:

  • the person is a team member and the board is public
  • the board is private or shareable and the person is added manually through an invite (works for both members an guests)

I can’t think of anything else, sorry.