Item Copy function


I have a couple of questions regarding the item copy function from within a group.

  1. When I duplicate a line item the new line item appears as:

abcd1234 copies to
abcd1234 (copy)

If I copy again it becomes

abcd1234 (copy) (copy)

That make sense, but is there a way to copy a line item so that the (copy) doesn’t appear? I manually go back in and delete it, but when I have a volume of these (sometimes 20 or 30 line items) it becomes tedious.

  1. Is there a way to duplicate one line item a number of times, without doing it one at a time? I have instances where I need to show the same line data many times.

Thanks in advance

I have used an Integromat integration to remove the FW: at the front of the item name when forwarding emails to a board. You could do the same type of thing with the (copy).

Thanks for your reply Jim, I will take a look at this.

As far as I know: when you use the duplication function in the UI you will always get the (copy) extended to the name. You can however setup an Integromat watch or a webhook that looks for (copy) in the name and remove it.