Item created through form doesn't show creator in creation log

We experience some issues when using automation’s. The person who creates automation’s on a board is the person shown as the owner regardless if you have a column to assign it to another member.

May not be your issue but if you have automation’s running, check to see who the creator is and you may find that this is the default owner ever time.

Hi All!

Brett here stepping in for Julia, sorry for the delay here. Our forms should show the creator of the form within the creation log, just as long as the submitter is in fact logged into the account.

Do any of you experience the opposite of this behavior when you know for a fact a user is actively logged in?

Thanks! , as a suggestion, is it possible to autofill in a Name / Text field if a user is logged in or conditionally hide the field if a user is filled in . Just as thought.

Hi Brett!
Our field technicians are logged in the Monday.comApp, not in the web browser App, so every creator log comes to my board with my name in it.
Could you develop any solution for Android app users?
Like an internal application to complete forms in the cases of users / guests? That could solve the problem in any case. hi Brett, our users are logged in (in fact I didn’t allow anonymous submission is the form settings, and the item is still registers as if I created it.

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I ran into this also. It’s cumbersome and affected our other automation, but if you don’t have any other automation on this board it might work for you. Use the status column and create a label for each team member. Then, create an automation based on the "name label that appears in the status field. The automation would change it to a people column in the board. It worked well until we added a second automation to the board.


I’ve also ran into this problem. I have just done a test with our Customer Care team and their requests are still showing as me being the creator. We also have too many staff members to create a status for each one, we’d need to use a dropdown method but then cannot use an automation to assign someone who is not subscribed to the board. Ideally, we don’t want the whole company subscribed.

Hi @tamirma,

I have found a workaround for myself while managing forms and answers from them.
You can allow your Guests and Members to choose from “Status” column their name and then through automations, you can set “If status is something, assign someone as person in People column”. It works well without problem, but I understand why you want the functionality of adding the person who answered as the creator (logically).

Also sorry for late answering, I have only found this few moments ago, hope it helps you and someone else.



Has this been looked into yet? It’s still an issue that we keep running into.


Hello, same issue here. Commenting to track resolution.

Same issue here! Is this planned to be resolved anytime soon?

Hi I’m having the same issue - do you have an update? I had a team member who has a account submit a form and it shows me as the creator.


I think the problem is that forms can be filled out without being logged in (through shared link and even when anonymous submission is turned OFF), in that case the creator of the form is assigned. If the user is logged in, then the user is assigned with this automation.

I think a lot of problems would be resolved if when designing the form there is an option to disallow filling out the form when the user is not logged in. In that case the user should first login.


Has there been any update on this or how to fix this where it can show the actual user that submitted the form? It is showing that I submitted the form and any additional updates when in face it is another account member that is doing so.

G’day All

Yep this problem still exists and is a bit of pain.

Any one in our company with a Monday account that submits the form we have created always assigns myself as the creator - not the actual user who has filled in the form.

Happy to share the form and links if required to review this issue.


This is a pain point for my team. We created a help desk board and now that we’ve deployed, people are submitting requests and I don’t know who it is, which makes it hard to help them. I don’t want to have to add new lines for name and email, then I would have to duplicate effort on every ticket to correctly set the user. Please fix ASAP.

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We are also struggling with this in a similar way. We have started a board for PTO tracking with a basic form entry but also allow users (while logged in or not), they are not members of the PTO board, only management and HR. We currently allow a comment on the bottom (which is an update) and if they type something in there it always looks like it is from me as the board owner. This is not great when tracking PTO as the record needs to look as if it is coming from the employee or generic and just an anonymous entry. I tried the check box option for Anonymous Submissions but it did not change anything and I still show up at the creator. Would really like to see a change on this as it affects another board as well in a different way where it looks like that board owner for a service ticket form for our clients always types the update even though it comes from the form (client). This shouldn’t be that hard that if someone types in the update field on form entry only that it shows up an an anonymous form entry. I’ve gone so far as thinking I should create an email in our O365 called or and making that the owner on all boards to get this to work but that is ridiculous and uses an open license for nothing.

Replying to this to track progress as well. We are trying to eliminate a step of manually setting our “requestor” in our Purchasing requests board to a text field from the form. We use a form for anyone in our office to request a purchase of item(s). It would be so nice to not have to manually assign every person for each request.

The challenge with the solution some provided using the Status column + automation combination is that it doesn’t scale very well when you have more than 40 users using that same form. If you can make drop-downs work for automations that would give people another workaround.

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This really is a pain! The form doesn’t even offer the option for entering the requestor manually - the person column doesn’t even show up on the form.

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Hello team

Any update here please?
This has been going on for a year almost !