Item created through form doesn't show real creator hi Brett, our users are logged in (in fact I didn’t allow anonymous submission is the form settings, and the item is still registers as if I created it.

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I ran into this also. It’s cumbersome and affected our other automation, but if you don’t have any other automation on this board it might work for you. Use the status column and create a label for each team member. Then, create an automation based on the "name label that appears in the status field. The automation would change it to a people column in the board. It worked well until we added a second automation to the board.


I’ve also ran into this problem. I have just done a test with our Customer Care team and their requests are still showing as me being the creator. We also have too many staff members to create a status for each one, we’d need to use a dropdown method but then cannot use an automation to assign someone who is not subscribed to the board. Ideally, we don’t want the whole company subscribed.