Item Creation across Multiple Boards with same item name

When I create a new item on one board, I would like to create the same item on multiple boards that each have different functions but share the same item name. The Link to Item and Mirror is not appropriate under the circumstances. So far, I haven’t found a way to achieve this.

Hi @Susan_Bolles - thanks for being part of the community!

We do have an automation to create an item in another board when a new item is created in your first board, but it works best when items are being submitted via a form or integration:

If you are manually adding new items to a board, then the automation will trigger as soon as the item is added and only carry over the item name to your other board.

With that being said, would you be able to trigger this automation with a status change instead?

Hi Melissa,

Thank you for the response. I’ll try and describe in a little more detail.

When I create a new item, I would like the item with the same name to appear across different boards, each with a very different function. Status doesn’t really help as the Status will vary from item to item, Board to Board.

For example, let’s say I create an item Midnight Cafe, ideally, the item will repeat - unlinked - across multiple boards in specific groups for different aspects of the project - Graphics, Materials, Specs, Design Development, Locations, etc.

I do have specific boards / groups that are linked, but others that it’s very important they not be linked. I am using tags for a high level view.

At the moment, I have 5 Boards where I’d like to use this feature so I don’t have to input manually each time.

@Susan_Bolles, I think what was suggesting was to use a specific status column as a trigger. This column doesn’t even need to appear in the other boards. The reason that this would be helpful is that it would enable the automation that will copy the item without the linking. Assuming that you can use that method, you could create multiple copies of the same automation one for each board.

The board that would trigger “create item” has a status of none. For a possible work around, I guess I could create an invisible private board with no function other than to create items on other boards.

Update: Ok, that seems to work - I essentially created a hidden Master List and then set up the 5 distinct automations based on status change for each of the Boards.

To clarify, I create a new item on the Private Board, change status to Done. The automation adds the same item to the other boards where the automations on those boards assign person, etc.

Thank you.