Item creation via "New Item" button triggering webhook with default name


So I got everything set up in regards to webhooks triggering and sending data to my app. The only issue I am having right now is - when a new item is created via the"New Item" button image
on a board, it is triggering the webhook w/ the default name it is given, which is “New Item”, instead of it being triggered once the item has been named after creation.image
Since there is no trigger for item name changes, we are unable to correct this without polling data straight from the API.

Is there any way around this other than using the “+Add” button (Which waits until the item has been created/named before issuing a webhook trigger)image
We cannot gurantee everyone will use the +Add button every time so having it work via all avenues would be ideal.


Hi @Dinnermonster, Kevin,

Yes, this is indeed missing. No trigger in name change. The way I solve it is to trigger on column value change in stead of item creation (as users will change column values after item creation). You can than get the full monday item and therefore also it’s name. I do understand this is costly (on the receiving webhook side) but therefore I use filtering to ignore triggers as much as possible and as early as possible. It woks for me (using Integromat), not sure if it fits your use case.

Have fun!

Thank you for the tip! I will try it out!