Item ID in Form Response

I am looking for a way to return the Item ID in a form response - when a user adds a new item, I would like the form confirmation to show the ID of the item they added, so they can write it down to physically attach to the logged item. Is this possible? If so, how?

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It sounds like you are looking for The Item ID Column!

Using this column, each item on your board will then display a unique number as below:


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Yes, as I stated, I am already using the Item ID Column. What I need to do is use the data from this column in the response you receive, after submitting a form. For example, in an automated notification, you would use {Item’s Name}, {Due Date}, {etc}, and it would return the values entered in the columns for that line item. What is the code to display that data?

It will look different depending on what you have named the column, but as along as you have the Item ID column you should be able to select it from the “Autopopulate fields from your items” section in the email builder.

Here is an example using the Outlook email Integration & my Item ID column is just named “Item ID”:

Thank you for the quick reply, Andrew! Unfortunately, that’s not quite the issue I’m having. I can use Automations and add references to my Item ID column without a problem: Image 01

My issue comes in when using a Form tab, and trying to use that same data reference in the “Success Message” field of the reply:

When I submit the form, any similar call returns a literal {COLUMN NAME}, instead of parsing the data contained in the field and returning the contents: Image 03

I posted in this board because I fear this may not be something possible with the current way works. My goal is to have an end-user submit a ticket and receive their request ID in the confirmation, so they can have an easy reference of their request. It seems like a simple thing to do (and one I can do with the other systems, which we’re trying to move away from), but if it’s not possible, I don’t want to waste any more time on it, aside from formally requesting this as a feature.