Item lives on multiple boards

After reading this post, it’s astonishing that such a crucial core functionality has not been resolved over the years. The ability for each item to exist independently of a Board should have been a fundamental feature considered from the construction of the entire Monday project management software. This practice is very common in today’s note-taking and information management. Yet, here at Monday, we’re still discussing topics like duplicating and mirroring items. Creating the same thing repeatedly only increases the likelihood of errors, while the development team continues to introduce some inexplicable features like “Reply directly in email,” “Custom Doc tables and layouts,” “The WorkCanvas Org Chart template,” “Captions on Doc images”? For a company developing project management software, the inability to prioritize software development is indeed puzzling.

I’ve now discovered that this requirement can be easily met with Asana, so I’ve decided to switch to Asana immediately. By the way, the dependencies feature in Monday is also not user-friendly and is noted to be in Beta. Dependencies are one of the essences of project management, yet such a core feature is still in Beta and not working well in Monday. Meanwhile, Monday is spending a significant amount of development resources on CRM and whiteboards. In fact, the most important reason for purchasing Monday was to achieve project management, not others. With core functionalities not perfected and a bunch of half-baked other software, is this what they call all-in-one?


I am not sure how to connect feature requests, but I feel as though this request could tie in here: Item Viewing Permissions Using Mirrored People Column

Essentially, if any mirror column can be treated as a ‘stand alone’ column for automations or permissions, it would solve A LOT!! Thanks!

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Just out of curiosity: Where are you getting these announcements?
(Are they from the community board or somewhere else?)

Hey Dana, I recommend you test the app Same Item Multiple Boards - it does exactly that :slight_smile:

It may, but third party apps are not always cost effective (is there really ROI) nor do they always have the highest of security certifications.
Case in point, no security is outlined for this app and none of the developer website, privacy policy or terms of service links work to understand more.

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Hi all,

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of our Kanbanify app in the marketplace!

Kanbanify streamlines your workflow by connecting multiple boards to one powerful Kanban view where you can add filters to prioritize your/your teams work and stay focused.

There is also a free plan to get you started!

This is just the beginning! We’re constantly adding new features based on your feedback. Let us know what you think and suggest features you’d love to see!

Thank you

Stela (Head of marketing)


This is interesting. There are users who have created this functionality in the marketplace very quickly. As a software engineer myself I cant quite say whether implementation is easy considering I don’t know the background. However, this is an absolute NEED-TO-HAVE as some of the competitors have it and once you are able to use it, the feature becomes a necessity.

The way others have implemented it is: a column that references the connected boards. You can type in the board name and it auto populates once enough characters are typed. once you select that name the task/line/ROW is duplicated across all boards. updates are live.

In order to do this tasks/items need to be persistent apart from the board itself. If implemented properly it could open the door to TONS of better automation and features such as sharing tasks with other organizations via docusign type URL. ability to cross board reference, better dashboards…


Hi community, while the The ability for items to live on multiple boards is something that our product team understands the need for, it is not yet in the development. In 2024, the product team is working on many important board updates such as the ability to reorder views, column color sharing, time tracking improvements, subitems updates, and more! Every quarter, the development team needs to make difficult decisions about how we prioritize building new features, improving old ones, and ensuring overall platform quality. While we are not currently working on this feature, it is on the roadmap and something our product team has in mind.

In the meantime you can check out some of the monday apps such as Same Item Multiple Boards, that may solve your needs.

When I have a better understanding of timeline for this feature I will update! In the meantime keep voting on your favorite features to help us prioritize our future roadmaps!

It seems like this is the most voted Feature request… To bad it is not in the pipeline.


It’s wild to me that this feature still doesn’t exist almost two years after this request. It seems small but would make a huge impact (clearly, but the number of comments and upvotes). It’s the number one reason I beg to move to Asana.

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