Item Mapping is missed in some Monday triggers?

I’ve found the following Monday triggers is missing output field of type “Item mapping”

  • When Date is Set
  • When Person is Assigned

Is it a bug or is done intentionally?

For example standard triggers like “When button clicked” or “When Status Changes” has this kind of output field but, from my point of view, has the same semantic like above mentioned triggers which lacks of item mapping in their output.

Hi @Olegas!

At this time, this is intentional. You are correct that not all of our built-in triggers will have the “Item Mapping” field as an output.

I’m going to move this to our “Feature Request” area and submit as feedback for our devs! Thank you for bringing this up~

Hi, @Helen ! Thank you for reply!

I’m wondering what is the reason not having an item mapping in this actions? Why they are different?
Is it safe to use item mapping in other actions?

I don’t believe there was a specific reason as to why these built-in triggers don’t have this output field. However, I’m happy to get clarification for you as to the exact reason why.

It is absolutely safe to use the item mapping from other built-in triggers, they’re just different haha.

You can also use your own custom trigger too, if you prefer to have item mapping as a trigger output.

Is it possible to create a custom trigger which will fire when event is occured inside of Monday?

This must be some kind of two step solution like “When date is changed, notify external API” sending just item ID and another recipe like “When external API pings back with item mapping, do something with it”. Is it correct?

Looks very complicated to set up for a board owner :wink:

Yes! In this case, it might make more sense for you to utilize a webhook to do this.

You can either build one out yourself (you can reference our GitHub example code), or use our Webhook Integration module.

The example you laid out above would actually all be happening within a single solution. The recipe itself would state “When a date is changed, do something with it”, and the pinging between APIs would happen all in your backend. No need to set up a separate recipe to accomplish this!

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