Item name subscription

Is there any event that let me subscribe to item name, group?

Hello there @thinhle183,

You mean if you can use a webhook to get notified when an item name changes?

If so, yes. You can use a webhook that gets triggered when an item name changes (not available for groups).

If you create it via API, the event is called change_name.


Hi @Matias.Monday ,
The event that I mentioned is similar to column_values_change in monday sdk. The feature our company working on is heavily dependent on this.

Hi @thinhle183!

Does the item name change webhook work for your use case? :slight_smile:

At this time we’re not using server so webhook doesn’t solve any problem. Item name is a important field which can be change frequently, please consider to create an event in monday sdk that serve this.

Hello again @thinhle183,

I understand. You are looking for is an SDK method to listen for changes in the name of items and groups.

I have created a request for this four our R&D team :grin:


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