Item not found/ bundle empty after creating item

Hi everyone! I’m new to using to build integrations with monday.
I have a scenario that rolls items up to another board.
When an item is created in board X, a new item is created in board Y. I’m using a watch events webhook, triggered by a status change on monday.
In order to prevent duplicates from being created in board Y, im trying to retrieve the data in board Y, and apply a filter to check if the item already exists.
I’ve tried Execute Graph QL to find an item by column values, and have also tried the Search By Items Column’s values module in Make.
The problem is: the bundle returns empty on the first few runs. It only finds the newly created item if i wait a few mins.
For instance I added a Sleep module of 70s, and that gave it enough time to register the new item, find it and successfully avoid duplication.
I’ve noticed this issue of data not registering right away in several other scenarios i’ve worked on. And i’m wondering if anyone has any solutions or tips on this. It would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance :smiley:

Hello there @ErinMR and welcome to the community!

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When you use that specific query (items_by_column_values), it takes around 31 seconds for the change in the item to be available via the query. It can take longer if the traffic in the server is high.

Our team is working on something that will solve this but I do not have a specific date on when it will be ready.

So in the meantime, using a timeout is a valid approach.

Let me know if you have any other questions :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi @Matias.Monday , thank you so much for your reply :grin:
It’s helpful to know how long the query takes.
Is there a reference for each query’s estimated timing?

Do you have any other suggestions to workaround it? I’d prefer not to add a sleep module. I was wondering if there was something that would execute the search until the new item is found. Like a loop.

Hello again @ErinMR,

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There is no such reference since each query might take different amount of times depending on the amount of data being queried.

Having said that please note that the mentioned “delay” is only applicable to the methods “items_by_column_values” and “items_by_multiple_column_values”. All other queries will not have a delay between the moment a change is made and the moment the change is “visible” via API.

You could create a loop that runs until the result is not empty but that could be a problem if by any chance there is an issue that prevents the change from being made in the board in the first place.

I would go with a sleep module. And I would keep an eye open about the change that will be introduced in the future by our team.

Let me know if you have any questions!


Hi @Matias.Monday ,
Thanks again for your response, and for explaining that so thoroughly.
That’s good news that the items_by_column_values query is the only method with the delay. Maybe I can find the item using a different method/approach. I’ll post back here if I find another solution.
Good call about the loop also.
I’ll keep the sleep method for now, it seems to get the job done. Just a bit slow haha.

Really appreciate all your help!

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Happy to help @ErinMR!

Sounds like a plan! Also, do keep an eye open for an announcement about a change in how this behaves in the future in our changelog.

Cool things are coming :sunglasses:

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