Item summary, mobile

I have a lot of information in one item, and I need to send that information to guests all the time via email. I was looking at the mobile view (everyone of our guest users use Monday via mobile) and noticed that the information isn’t displayed very well - if there is a longer sentence in one column you can’t really see it and if you click it it comes to the edit view and you still can’t see it. Is there anything I could do to quickly send and show a clear summary of one item to someone?

Hey @caro! Thanks for posting!

This is a good question and I’d love to learn more to make sure I’m understanding what you’re looking for correctly. What kind of information is this? Are those guests also guests on your account? If so, could they check the board directly?

Alternatively, have you thought about using the Gmail Integration or the Outlook Integration to send your guests emails? You could simply select a status trigger from your phone, for instance, and the email would be sent.