Item Views Usage and Example

How do you launch your item view when clicking on a column value in a default table board view? Is there an example for this? The Quickstart example only shows how to build a board view.

Hey @jonkurtis – can you explain a bit more about what you’re looking for?

From what I understand, you’re looking to open your item view when a user clicks any column value cell on the board. Is that correct?

At the moment, this isn’t possible – the action of clicking a column value is reserved for editing that column. The user will need to actively open the item and then select the view in order to see your app.

Ok, I understand how it works now. I was thinking of an “item” as the value in a column rather than an entire pulse/row. Is there a way to set default item views on a board or a shortcut to open an item to a specific item view?

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