Itemized Integrations

As far as I can see, integrations are made for use in boards as a whole. Is this accurate?

If this is the case, would it be possible to add integrations to independent items within boards/ categories?


I have a Client Directory Workspace Board. There are multiple clients listed (lets say Clients A - Z), each with information such as email, phone#, address, etc.

If I wanted to set up an integration for Client Z alone, so that it ignores Clients A-Y, I would add an integration within that Client item level. It would then pull data only from that Item, and no others.

Does that make sense, and if so is this possible?

Iā€™m asking because I would rather not have to create two Workforce Boards per client, one for their project management tasks and the other simply to use an integration.

Hi @TyeZ

The default automations are indeed on board level (ie for all items in the board). When you build your own integrations with the monday Apps platform yuo can make it for specfic items or groups.

Though at the moment I have found a work around that is succesful, is there a link to the process of building your own with the App platform?

There are many good resources, starting point could be

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