Items_by_column_value not working

I am using Google Sheets to run various API calls. I have done this with a variety of files and various boards in multiple Monday accounts. It seems that the items_by_column_value search is not working and I want to make sure this is a glitch on Monday’s side not in my code.

Here is the function that I use to search by item’s name:
function getPulseID(key,boardID,name){

var query = “query($board:Int!, $name:String!){items_by_column_values(board_id:$board, column_id:“name”, column_value:$name){id}}”;

var variables = {

"board" : parseInt(boardID),

"name" : name


var data = makeAPICall(key, query, variables);


return data;


Obviously when I call that function I put the proper values for the variables.
Here is the actual call to Monday (which I know works because my logic creates the item if no item is found and it is creating the item fine):
function makeAPICall(key, query, variables){

var url = “”;

var options = {

"method" : "post",

"headers" : {

  "Authorization" : key,


"payload" : JSON.stringify({

  "query" : query,

  "variables" : variables


"contentType" : "application/json"


var response = UrlFetchApp.fetch(url, options);

Logger.log("API results: " + response);

return response;


Any suggestions or guidance would be appreciated.

It seemed to magically start working again!

Hey @ChrisBuna,

That’s quite odd. Are you still facing this issue?

Has this call previously worked, but is no longe working now? I’ve just tested running this query on my end and it seems to be returning results as expected for me, so I’m wondering if you could provide a sample value you are using for the item name.


I think it was temporarily not working. Because even through Zapier I was getting an error. It is now working and I made no changes to my code. Seems like it was a temporary issue/glitch on Monday’s side.


Ah, okay, got it! I’m glad to hear this seems to have been resolved.

We did have an issue related to our search-based functionality, which also could include the items_by_column_values query. You can find the report about this incident below: Status page - incident report
I hope this helps clarify.