Items_by_column_values query immediately following create_item doesn't find item


i’m using the monday sdk in a server env with my own personal token and when calling items_by_column_values immediately after create_item it doesn’t find the created item.

If I “sleep” a few seconds between create_item and items_by_column_values then it finds the item.

I need this to work for my unit tests, without sleeping - what’s the solution? Will calling the monday api not via the monday sdk solve the problem?


hi @rbabayoff, Ronen,

I have had likewise experiences and discussed this with one of the monday technicians. He explained that they are using different read and write databases with a sync mechanism between the two. As I was told it can happen (when the servers at monday are very busy) that a write immediately followed by a read does not give the expected result. I would suggest to take this up with monday directly. I find @dipro extremely helpful in these kind of discussion.

Sorry if I am the one bringing bad news.


Hey @basdebruin, nothing to be sorry about, it is what it is :slight_smile: - I can work around that with a few more lines of code - will probably use a webhook to get notified when the item was created and continue from there.

Cheers and thanks for the info :pray:

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Hey again @rbabayoff,

Thanks for asking a great question and I’m really happy @basdebruin was able to provide his insight and experience on how this works right now. This is indeed something related to our infrastructure at this point, but I’ll let the team know this is somewhat confusing and a point of friction when building apps.

To be transparent with you, I am not able to commit to an ETA on when this would be improved or changed, but hopefully, we will be able to find a solution internally that works better.


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