Items_by_column_values seems to have a hidden 1000 limit?

I have a very simple query:

    items_by_column_values(board_id: 111111111, column_id: "status9", column_value: "Completed") 
    { id name }

Which returns exactly 1000 records, but that is not everything.

So I thought I would add a limit and paging. But using Limit:500, Page: 3 is completely empty. Same with a Limit of 100 and Page 11…

It seems as though items_by_column_values is hard-coded to a maximum of 1000 items…

Anyone have thoughts on how to get the remaining records??

*These missing records do show up if I search by Name instead of Status. And when I look at the detail, their status9 value is indeed showing Completed. So I am not sure what my next-steps should be…

I am having this issue too. Looking for a solution

Bill C from support said it does have a 1000 limit, but he’s reaching out to the developers to figure out why Paging is not working.

Hello everyone,

Matias here!

Can you please send an email to with the query you are using, including board IDs, column ID and the timestamp of the request (date, hour, minute, location)?

With this information, our technical support team will be able to take a closer look into this.



What’s the update on this ? I am having this issue too

Monday told me they do NOT consider this a bug, but have added the issue to the ‘product backlog’, with zero ETA.

I would open a support ticket yourself and try to get them to escalate the issue. Clearly since Pagination was implemented, you should be able to page past 1000 records, but they said it was a limitation of ‘Elastic Search’. Which, I have used, and I certainly don’t remember a 1000 record limit. It’s hard to blow smoke at developers. We can usually tell when something is a legit bug.

I would email and

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Hello everyone,

Sorry about the late reply. Please let us know if you got a reply from our app support team or if you need any further assistance with this.