Items_by_column_values sometimes doesnt return values, and after a period of time it might do


Im making an API call (can see below). sometimes it will return values and sometimes it will not.
If I will wait I might get values back. didnt find any pattern…
When querying the record itself, it finds it with the correct value in the status.

The condition column type is a Select (which should support this functionality, according to the API docs).
Is any one can assist me to understand why I do not see the relevant records always?


query ($boardId: Int!, $columnId: String!, $columnValue: String!){
items_by_column_values (board_id: $boardId, column_id: $columnId, column_value: $columnValue) {

{“boardId”:XXXXXXX, “columnId”:“status1”, “columnValue”:“Ready For Review”}

Hi @eitanal,

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When you get no values returned, do you get an error? What kind of response do you see?

I receive a response with 0 match, like when searching a value that doesn’t exists.
And after some time, making the same call will return the correct result.

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@eitanal, @alessandra

This is the expected result. The update of the part of the database that is used to perform searches is asynchronous. Therefore, changes to items will not immediately be reflected when using the Items_by_column_values. Of course, if they NEVER show up, that is NOT expected.

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Hello @eitanal!

As @JCorrell says, for this query, there are a few seconds between the moment in which a change is made in the board and the moment that change is visible for this method. Try waiting for some time. If it takes, let’s say longer than a minute for the change to be visible using this method, please do let us know!


I understand it might take some time for an action to be reflect in the board (UI).
But, when I use: get item by id query (items (ids:)), the change can be seen immediately, which “items_by_column_values” query still doesn’t reflects it.
It takes almost 1 minute (just tested it) for this query to retrieve the relevant values after the change.
More over, I’m changing the status also by API call, and that makes the issue to be up to 2 minutes delay (sometimes)…

The question is:
** Why the get item query (items (ids:)) do get the correct response immediately and the items_by_column_values doesn’t.


Hello again @eitanal!

The regular items query has a different mechanism than items_by_column_values, that is why one of them is immediate and the other takes time to show the changes.

If you see a big delay like the one you mention (2 minutes), please send an email to with:

  • Item ID of the item that was changed prior to the request
  • Query being used
  • User ID of the user whose API key is being used for the request
  • Timestamp of the request (Location, date, hour, minute)

So that our technical team can take a closer look into it :slightly_smiling_face: