Items by multiple column values query doesn't return all matching items

When item is created on the board, it takes about 30s for the item to be returned by items_by_multiple_column_values call.
Delay makes it difficult/impossible to use to reflect current status of the board.

Is that long delay expected? Can it be reduced to maybe 1 or 2 seconds?

Steps to reproduce (always):

  • Create item A on the board.
  • Run items_by_multiple_column_values.
  • New item A is not returned by the call - I was expecting the item to be returned, because it is present on the board.
  • Wait about 30 seconds.
  • Call items_by_multiple_column_values again, and item A is returned as expected.
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Hey @Andrzej :wave:

At this time, I’m afraid this is considered a known behavior. Items by column values is a higher-complexity operation that requires our servers to load the data and then filter it accordingly for you, and as such, it can take a longer time to perform.

In cases when you create the item, you can always return the column values of the item as you create it, which will return the data of the item instantly.

Otherwise, would you be able to clarify your use case? I’d love to learn a little more about the specifics of what you are trying to accomplish, as perhaps there are other ways to achieve what you are looking for. Otherwise, I’d be happy to pass the feedback along to our product team to review.


Hi @AlexSavchuk , is it the same with items_by_column_values call?

It may work, could you share some guidance how long the delay can be?
(delay between modification on the board, and search call returning those modifications)



Thank you for circling back with me! The behavior would indeed be the same for the items_by_column_values call.

I’ll try and see if I can confirm a consistent delay period with our developers and get back to you as soon as I can.


Hi @AlexSavchuk , just checking if developers had a chance to comment on this?



Ah, so sorry for the delay on this from my end. Thank you for checking in on this one.

Our developers have confirmed some delay is possible, depending on the size of the board. If the board you are trying o query has several thousand items and 100-200 columns, for example, this could lead to a longer time than a smaller board.

I don’t have a precise number at this time, but it seems like a delay of 10-15 seconds would work well for most boards.

I hope this helps!