Items disappearing from Gantt view

We are having an issue where when we try to move some items via drag and drop in the Gantt (as opposed to clicking on the item to get the card and then altering the date) they sometimes disappear form the widget view. These items are still in the main table as items - they haven’t been converted to sub items or anything like that. The activity logs don’t show anything weird but they disappear from the gantt and the planned timeline views. Even when we create a new gantt widget these items dont show up. Does anyone have any idea why this might be occurring?

Hm, this sounds a little strange @Jessie_Plumpton :confused: Items certainly shouldn’t be disappearing from your gantt view/widget when dragging and dropping them. Does this behaviour occur in an incognito window? If so, I’d recommend reaching out to our support team via who will be able to look into this for you :pray:

Yes I have reached out to support on this but I also wanted to check if anyone here had seen something similar