Items_Page Problem Filtering Results

I am retrieving information on the items of a board and using query_params to filter those items beforehand. I have had success with this, but not consistently; when I try filtering by certain columns, the query returns nothing.

Here is the code I have been using:

query = '''{
boards (ids: MYBOARDID) {
   items_page (limit: 10, query_params: {rules: {column_id: "COLUMNID2", compare_value: ["VALUE"], operator: any_of}}) {
      items {
         id name column_values (ids: ["COLUMNID1", "COLUMNID2", "COLUMNID3"]) {

I have tried filtering the items on this board by each of these columns (all three are of the same type), but have only had success with one of them (COLUMNID2). When I try filtering by either of the other two columns, the results are always empty.

When passing either of those other two columns into column_id, I have tried passing multiple different values into compare_value - all of which were taken directly from the JSON that prints out when successfully filtering by COLUMNID2. But, the query doesn’t seem to recognize any of those values when searching through the items. I have also tried multiple operators. I get results with contains_text and is_not_empty, but that, of course, gives me all items and doesn’t filter the results at all.

So, I am quite confused. It doesn’t seem like a syntax error, because it runs perfectly with COLUMNID2. All of the columns I am looking at are of the same type, so nothing should change in the parameters other than the column ids and values. The ids and values I am using are accepted by the query - it in fact uses those ids in the second-half of the query and produces those values once it has run.

If you have any insight into what is missing here, I would greatly appreciate it.

Hello there @Refutable6250,

Would you be able to please send us an email to with the exact queries you are using (with the actual values) and the exact responses for each query so we can take a look into it from there?

Looking forward to hearing from you via email!


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