Items_page style filtering on sub_items

The filtering that items_page offers in the 2023-10 api is very nice. I find myself wishing that I could apply the same filtering on column values to sub_items. In fact, in some cases I have found the complexity to be less if I use items_page on the sub_items board and then retrieve the parent_item values as needed. Which seems a bit backwards and having the ability to filter on both seems like it could be the most efficient.

Hi Guy,

To clarify, have you used our subitems documentation here? Or are you asking about being able to use items_page in a similar fashion to query subitems?


Using items_page to query and filter item and subitems columns at the same time. Maybe something like this:

query {
  boards (ids:1234567890) {
    items_page (limit: 50, query_params: {rules:
       {column_id: "status", compare_value: [5], operator:any_of}
       {subitem_column_id: "timeline", compare_value: ["2023-06-30", "2023-07-01"], compare_attribute: "START_DATE", operator:between}
    }) {
      items {