Its finally here....Subitems Alpha Release!

The moment we’ve all been waiting for (drum roll please )…SUBITEMS! Yes, you read that right :slight_smile: our long awaited subitems feature is now in Alpha!

Our team worked long, hard hours to develop this feature and get it right for YOU!

It’s available in monday.labs right now so you can go ahead and start implementing it into your workflows right away!!

If you don’t see monday.labs in your menu, please send us an email to and request us to add it for you :slight_smile:

There’s lots more to come! As always, we want to be totally transparent and share with you where we’re taking this feature. You can keep up with our subitems roadmap here!

We really want to hear your feedback, and drive the roadmap by it. Feel free to open discussions, ask questions and give suggestions - we are looking forward to hearing it!

To learn about how to use the subitems feature, check out this article, and if you have any questions, write to us here!


Fantastic work guys! I’m already using it


Whohooooooo!!! Love this!!




Thank you for this update! So far I am only able to access this feature in my .labs section in one of my two company profiles; I have tried refreshing and logging out/in to see if it refreshes, but that has not made the feature available. Is there a way to request this switch be turned on for our company account?

Also, so far, I tried to implement this feature the way I was hoping it would help us, which relates mostly to printed schedules (some parts of our company are still old school), but unfortunately it does not function the way I had hoped it would. I do see on the roadmap that you are looking into working on the printed subitems feature, and I would love to share my use case/request specific print functions for subitems if I may?

Thank you all very much!


OMG! This is it, tested so many this but this changes everything!
Thanks a lot for the ongoing development and improvement of the system.
keep it up :wink:


As a user, I like to have only the minimum number of required columns needed on a board. This helps to keep things simple for our less tech-savvy team members. And so I would love it if the main Status column for an item could somehow be combined with the mirrored Status column for the sub-items. This would mean I would only have one status column, and when all the sub-items are ‘Done’, then the item column would show as done.

Does that make sense?


Also, subtasks capability on mobile please :blush:


Makes perfect sense! It came up on several occasions, and already on our backlog to be added a bit further down the line.

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Thank you so much for your feedback :slight_smile:

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As awesome as this is for project management purposes we use the system for helping our clients to manage their leads through a sales process so it would be great if it stayed hidden unless you’ve chosen to add a subitem. This is how it works currently which is great. I can see the subitems column displays once you’ve added a sub item. But we won’t be using them so I’m just worried it will become mandatory column that you can’t remove. :slight_smile:

Again we will use it ourselves for PM and its great, but when pulses are leads, not tasks, it’s not applicable. So we’d love to keep it optional not mandatory.

Hey all - quick update about adding the feature from monday.labs:
Only Admins will see it on monday.labs and will be able to add it to the account :slight_smile:


hey :slight_smile: Only Admins will see it on monday.labs and will be able to add it to the account :slight_smile:
In regards to printing the board with subitem, it is indeed on our roadmap as you saw, but with no exact ETA. Keep the roadmap link and stay tuned :slight_smile: We promise to do our best!

Thank you for these updates and your direct reply! Hoping when all the dust settles, this feature will be really helpful to us!

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Yeah! Very helpful indeed!

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Hey @Jack the plan is actually to keep the feature optional going forward :slight_smile: we want you to dictate whether or not it is necessary for each project and workflow!


Looking forward to the automations. So for example. If I create an item called “Weekly Notes”, I then can create an automation to create the weekly subitem. Also on mobile i can see the subitem board, temp thing ? And items create directly on the subitem board, should they appear on the parent ?

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This is great functionality. One area that needs to be updated accordingly is when you export to excel it shows the subtasks indented accordingly - at the minute seeing it all in one box means it’s hard for me to export to send to clients who are not on

Otherwise, I love the new addition! Thanks!


loving this functionality! I have noticed that when I have subtasks in a group, i cannot select multiple items if i need to make a bulk change. nor can i delete any items in that group. I can select multiple items for a different group in the same board that doesn’t have any subtasks.

otherwise so happy for subtasks :slight_smile:

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