Its finally here....Subitems Alpha Release!

My team uses boards for scheduling social media posts, so our use of the mobile app is frequent. We have just started implementing use of sub-items which has been very helpful on desktop for organizing posts by topic (main item) and platform (sub-items), yet have run into the problem of not being able to view sub-items on mobile. In short:

  • Full view of sub-items on mobile
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Are sub-items possible to add to a created model?


New user here!
We are considering Monday for our company and subitems are mandatory. Here is my feedback:

-Timeline of the item should be the range of the first and last date of the subitems

  • Dependencies. If I have to finish subitem1 to start with subitem2, I should see a warning message if I select DONE in subitem2 and subitem1 is still in progress.

  • When I create a subitem I would like to have 2 options: new columns structure (current configuration) or maintain the columns of the item.

  • Visualize subitems in boards

  • Visualize subitems in boards

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Hi everyone! I want to say thank you for all of the feedback and suggestions, we really appreciate you taking the time to pass it along even during these difficult times.

After reading through most of your comments, I can say for certain that most of the functionalities asked about in this thread will become available in the future. While we do not have an exact ETA at the moment, you can always keep up with our roadmap :slight_smile:

To highlight, some of the things that are we are looking to do in the future:

  • Support with automations
  • Support in dashboards and views
  • Duplication of items with subitems
  • Converting items into subitems and vice versa
  • Exporting to Excel
  • Filtering Subitems
  • Moving subitems between parents

Thank you all for your patience with us as we continue to build this out! Your feedback is more than welcomed!

4 Likes When do you expect these to be ready on mobile? I do not see is on the product roadmap. Our team uses mobile (and tablets) 75% of the time.

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Where IS the product roadmap?

The link to the official Roadmap was broken weeks ago and reported to but has never been fixed. It still re-directs to a random “product” page.

Monday Support advised a while ago that they are working on a new Roadmap but I’ve seen nothing yet.

Seems we’re all in the dark about what are working on.

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Grt stuff! Would be great if subitems would be convertable to pulses with 1 click.

Here is the subitems roadmap. shared at the top of the thread here.

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Acknowledged with thanks @abiciea.

I guess my comment was out of context in this discussion which relates solely to subitems.

I’m really referring to the product Roadmap as a whole which has gone AWOL.

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Subitems look great, and the roadmap answers a number of requests that we have. One thing that I do not see specifically on the roadmap is the ability to view subitems in “shared” boards, something that is embeddable and viewable to the public. Currently any subitem related column as well as the subitems themselves do not show up on shared boards.

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Hey , throwing an idea out there. Private vs public sub-items. So essentially allowing any user to create more than one sub-item column.

Congrats on the new feature! May I ask if there will be an update on

(1) using defined subitems as template (major);
According to your Roadmap you are working on a duplicate but I am not sure if we would b able to use it as template when inserting data in the board with Forms (external-with link).

(2) option to link the number column from the subitems to the pulse (less major for operations but major for CRM functionalities)?

UPD: The second can be applied with mirroring.

Examples for:
Question (1): my company operates in the field of Certification. Hence, for a company to get certified, a series of main-steps (pulses) and sub-steps (subitems) must be fulfilled. As a result, I am looking for a option where I can email to the board a new request for a certification and automatically this item generates also the subitems that I have already predefined as “template”.

Question (2): UPD: Can be applied with mirroring.
on a CRM board, a company gets recorded to a pulse and the subitems on this pulse indicate the type of services that are continuously invoiced to this company in a year.

1. Company - details - function=1300$ (sum of all subitems)

  • 1.a Subitem: Application review - details - 300$*
  • 1.b Subitem: Inspection - details - 500$*
  • 1.c Subitem: Inspection 2 - details - 500$*

Useful tip: If I could also automate the creation of a subitem here by a creation of an item (or a status change) from a pulse in another board (e.g. technical management of the specific operator), well that would be awesome(!).

:rocket: Another example would be for mass balance checking or a stock check (subitems-insert // pulses demonstrate the stock picture). I hope you get the idea.

In any case, I believe automations with subitems will come in due time.

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I am also looking for something very similar. I was able to accomplish this by creating 2-4 template pulses with pre-defined and not populated statuses and using the copy + paste tool to copy a group of “template” sub-items onto another new pulse but there ended up being issues after a few copy+paste actions. During the process it broke nearly all of my subitems and they would no longer populate so I would not suggest this until they have some type of duplicate or template ability in place. Great feature set but still a little buggy.

We are using ours a project management tool in an AV-IT trade where we apply the same set of deliverables (hopefully sub-items) to every project. We have large and small projects so one group of subitems for smaller projects and a larger group of typical subitems for larger projects. This will keep our board from being a mile wide while still giving us a nice 10,000ft view on our group of open projects as a whole with a nice ability to open the sub-item group and drill down deeper.

Looking forward to getting this working nicely!

Hey everyone - we just added the ability to duplicate a parent item with the subitems (you can duplicate an item or a group).
Duplicating a board is still being worked on :slight_smile:

I’m reminding you that you can keep up with our subitems feature release plan here: […]

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@danaaviv, thank you! the release plan does not include API support - does that mean no proper API in the foreseable future? Currently you could kind of create a sub-item via API but you cannot link it to a board item.

Hey Ilya.

Indeed, it is not currently worked on, it will be eventually of course, just not very soon.