Jira 2 Monday integration issues


I integrated Jira & Monday via the Jira server integration and it all works well beside the time tracking in Jira that does not sync well with Monday…
In Jira you can enter original estimate in weeks/Days/Hours but Monday cannot handle that…
When I enter 4h in Jira as original estimate Monday via the number column is writing 14,400 (need to de divide it by 3600). When entering 2d or 1w in Jira - Monday shows 0. has anyone tried this before and came up with a solution?


As you said dividing the value by 3600 is the only way. I have set the default time unit as Hours on Jira such that I don’t face days and weeks bs on Monday.
I just created formula columns for all the estimate columns and hid the actual columns that are getting synced from Jira

Hey @mirmelsh !

Transforming time planning and tracking with monday Jira server integration is a commendable decision! By setting up default time in hours/weeks/days, you can easily track the movement of your design and development phases in one place. Accordingly, you can share and notify team members on estimates or updates. The requests received in Jira are automatically turned into tasks and projects in monday com, all while upkeeping transparency of your progress to clients. You can easily migrate tasks or user queries with attachments to other team members for fast resolution.

If you’re looking to configure time, security, and privacy settings in both monday and Jira platforms, you may get assistance from the right monday.com integration services provider. The experts can offer detailed information on the security, data handling, privacy, and compliance processes involved in this integration.

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