Jira integration: person column

Hello, is there a way to use the person column to fetch the assignee in Jira?

Not really.

We use just use a text column. If you HAVE to have a person column, currently, you would need a custom app or something like an Integromat integration. If you can be sure that the user names in JIRA are the same (and always exists in monday) it would not be too difficult.

If you are just looking to SEE the assignee, I’d go with the text column.

Unfortunately, I would like to use it for resource mgmt, so the concept “person” is important to be able use the features of monday.

Would be a nice improvement for the integration.

Other example of an improvement would be to be able to assign statusses to progress so the progress bar becomes usable instead of only done/not done. But that’s another topic :slight_smile:

Hey @TimA - I’m curious, can you expand on this? How would you prefer for it to work?
Feel free to PM me if you don’t want to clutter the thread.

We’re preparing to launch a prioritization card view app and it uses status and progress columns to track when a score is complete. I’d love to understand more about your use case.

In Jira we have a workflow with statuses like
New - Doing - Review - Test - Done

If you could match a string with a percentage-complete-value you could say
New: 0% done
Doing: 20% done
Review: 60% done
Test: 80% done
Done: 100% done

This is not possible now. Either it is done, or it is not done (for a status column in monday).

Hi @TimA - Perhaps using a Formula column instead of a Progress column will work for your situation?

Thanks for the suggestion. Can you simulate a progress bar using a formula?

If status = doing then value = 40 and then render it visually somehow?

Will try to see if I manage to get something going…


Something like this might work:


That’s just great. How did you add these coloured blocks? :slight_smile: This should be a blogpost or something to find back in the documentation.

Right click and choose Emoji or Win + Period.