Jira integration: sum of subtasks trigger

A story in Jira has a sum timespent and sum estimation (this includes the timespent and estimation on the story including the subtasks).
However when time is logged on a subtask, this does not trigger the automation to also update the story itself so it created a discrepancy between Jira and our monday dashboard.

Can this be fixed? It updates when I manually update the story but this is not workable.


First, I’m not a JIRA expert.

But, once the integration is setup, you may be able to change the webhooks (under System Settings: Advanced) created by monday and adjust the trigger settings to get what you need. I have used this in cases where we wanted to add additional filters on labels and types.

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Thank you for the reply. I updated the webhook to add “work log” changes as a trigger but it does not seem to work.

Alternatively an hourly “update all integrations” would be useful but that is also not possible.


Sorry to hear that. Another approach that I have used is to use Integromat to bring in additional data from JIRA. Specifically, in my case, comments and labels.