Jira integration

I’m trying the integration of Monday and JIRA.
I’m able to create issues from one to another but I can’t manage to update the status.
Like if I set “done” on Monday, the related JIRA ticket get set to done and vice versa.
Is that even possible?

Hi ryo,

I’ve set up an integration between Jira Service Desk and Monday and it seems to work fairly well. It’s not perfect, but does get the job done. I’ve directed Monday to look for items coming from individual projects in Jira, and sync’d future changes. The recipe I’ve used is:
When XXX is created in Project X, create an item and sync future changes from Jira.
I’ve been able to pull creator/assignee/status/summary/date from Jira and then have used complimentary automations in Monday for other columns I want to see.

Does this help?