Job No. ID in API?

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We are trying to set up customer project status tracking under, we fetched the columns from boards api which has many column names but we can’t locate a column related to Job Number.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. API endpionts and the column value we need to use for API call.

Kind regards Alan

would you be able to post the query you used to get the columns from the board? I am presuming there is a Job Number column on the board in the UI?

Thanks Cody. When I click on a job number it gives a pulses string. eg. pulses/5082296542

This is the API we’re hoping to use. boards.json - Droplr

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It looks like that response is giving you the columns titles and IDs of your board.

If there is a specific column that you can see in the board but is not getting retrieved via API it is possibly an matter of permissions. When you query for the information via API, you are using a user’s API token. That user’s API token will give you access via API to whatever the user has access to. If the user does not have access to viewing that particular column (that might have some permissions settings for it), then it will not show in the response either.

Could that be the situation here?

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Thank you Matias.

The problem is resolved :slight_smile:

I asked the client about the issue.

Name = Job No. / ID.

I really appreciate the response.

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Hello again @AlanTimms I am glad you found the solution then!