Join the monday Club — our new program for's biggest fans!

Hey Community, :man_astronaut:

You’re invited to join the monday Club, a brand new program for the biggest monday fans! :dancer::dizzy:

Being a part of the monday Club means unique opportunities to:

  • get to know our team (with a chance to even be flown out to the HQ in TLV)!! :airplane:
  • showcase your use of to the world through a range of exciting projects :trophy:
  • access to amazing swag :rainbow:
  • and lots more goodies, awards and fun stuff along the way!! :llama:

This is just the very beginning of the Club and we have so many awesome ideas for where we can take this. We’ll be providing more information on everything you can expect by joining the monday Club soon.

If you’re interested in being one of the first to join, just fill out this form: