Jotform-Integromat-Monday upload many Docs

Hello Friends, I need to upload all the attachments our clients upload to a Jotform, through Integromat to a File column in monday. I can’t figure out how to use the HTTP get file, for many files, it works perfect for only one.
Thank you.


You will need to do a get_file for each one. Depending on the details you could use a looping structure, multiple inline get_file/upload or (my preference) iterator-get_file-upload-aggregator.

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Thx @JCorrell , look, the iterator doesn’t show the Value part of the iterator, so I can’t insert the results any where, although I see all the bundles correctly. The reason I can’t use multiple get_file modules is that we don’t know how many attachments customers will upload. Any ideas?


I had the same issue recently. From Make support "May I ask you to unlink the modules and then delete the trigger module and then add it again and then try to map the fields? "

It worked after I followed their suggestion.

Thanks Jim, look, no even making a new account, I opened one in make, it doesn’t work. The problem is the ever problematic Jotform.


Have you tried running it up through (including) the iterator?

@JCorrell thanks for your concern. I don’t understand what you say. I have discovered a strange situation. If I make a new scenario integro OR Make and do the jotform webhook, it will never pull the “Value” part of the Iterator module, the one you need to actually pull the array. HOWEVER, if I put an iterator to old scenarios with similar config JotformWebhook - Iterator and map the Array of similar field for uploading docs, IT WORKS like a charm. So new scenarios with equal intial config. Weill never show “Value” in Iterator!!
I suppose it’s Integro problem?


Sounds like it to me. Even though it sounds like you have got a workaround that works, I would recommend contacting Make support.

Hi @JCorrell they gave me the solution for this problem of Jotform - Iterator not displaying Value.
{{59.value}} You just write it like that. 59 obviously is whatever the number of the module. It works perf!


Good to hear! I’m glad it all worked out!