Kanban - organise by 'group of items'

Please allow us to organise the Kanban columns according to ‘group of items’ from the list view. This is a primary division that you’ve allowed us to make. And so, it seems to make sense that this would be carried over to the Kanban view, and enabled on columns and not only as a vertical division.

Add delete, and reduced whitespace to this, and I’d actually have a usable Kanban board. Without these, I need to use a competitor for this feature.


Hey @helloeido - Not sure what you mean by this, Andy? There is a Divide by Groups checkbox under settings that breaks the Kanban into Groups. If that isn’t what you mean, can you post a screenshot?

Hi @PolishedGeek, Yes there is a divide by groups checkbox. What I’m requesting is that the Kanban columns themselves are ordered by the ‘groups of items’ from the list page. I believe Asana does this currently as default. You set up ‘groups of items’ in Asana, and when you flip to Kanban view, those are your default columns. Unlike Monday, you don’t have to link it to a status column.

The current checkbox splits stuff by group, but does not make the information visually digestible in the same way. Essentially, it forces me to have a column layout by status that I don’t need here.

As an example. If I group my items under ‘today’, ‘next’, ‘next week’ on list view. On the Kanban view, I want my columns to be ‘today’, ‘next’, ‘next week’. In this view, I am not interested in statuses

This basically comes down to how users use Kanbans. There is a philosophy of using Kanban to move from ‘job to be done’ to ‘complete’. But, at a purely visual level, Kanbans can be used to show a variety of information in a variety of ways. At the moment, Monday seems to have tied it to the Kanban philosophy.

I’ve edited my post to be clearer. Thanks for pointing out the lack of clarity

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