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I am using the Kanban view for my task tracking, with each vertical showing one client and all tasks associated with them. I would LOVE to be able to auto sort these items by another status column ‘priority’, so Urgent items appear at the top.

Hi @Darby - Nice to see you back in the community. You can’t sort the Kanban view (not sure that’s even in the works), but there are two other views that might work well for your needs instead:

The Cards View - https://support.monday.com/hc/en-us/articles/4405723870994-The-Cards-View
our Priority Cards App - monday.com: Apps Marketplace (free)

Both of them will allow you to sort by a specific column. The column data you can include in the Priority Cards app is more limited, but based on your screenshot it may be a good layout for your needs (and has cool color-by features too).

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