Keep linked item values if linked to pulse is moved to another board


I have linked several columns in 2 boards:
Board A is the main board where we track onboarding
Board B is a delivery tracking board for staff doing the onboarding

When a client goes live, pulse A on Board A is moved to a different board (automation based on status change) for invoicing, but this means the data in pulse B on Board B in the linked columns is wiped; we really need to keep that info on board B

is there a way to keep the columns linked based on pulse-id of pulse A regardless of the board that that pulse is on?
Or alternatively when the pulse A is moved to another board and the linking breaks, to freeze the data in the pulse B as it was at the moment the link breaks?


I tested what you described. It worked for me. The mapping in the automation does show the linked columns as grayed out (unchangeable). But when the automation is executed, everything moved to the new board.

From a database standpoint, I’m fairly certain that item links only use the pulse ID, there is no reference to the board.

I don’t understand why it wouldn’t be working for you. I would suggest kicking this to if you haven’t already. I would be interested to see what they say.

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thanks for testing this!
the data in pulse B is still disappearing after pulse A is moved to Board C, data in pulse A stays as it is (thankfully otherwise my problem would be even bigger :slight_smile:) so my theory was that after moving pulse a, the linking is looking for that pulse in the original board and can’t find it and hence wipes the data in the pulse that is linked to it.
therefore i don’t think it is only linked to pulse id, because if i change the data in pulse A on board C (the one it was moved to), nothing happens in pulse B either.
I have sent a message to support to find out if this is a bug or a feature request.
thanks again!

With the release of Link Column Update, it finally occurred to me what is going on.

Basically, links are currently set up to a specific board as you were describing. So when the move occurs, links are validated against this and removed when there is a discrepancy even though the actual link itself is only at the item level. There are a number of implications to changing this. It is a bit of a knotty problem and definitely a feature request. HOWEVER, it may already be available. See: Multi Board Item Links ALPHA version is out!. If it is still in ALPHA release, you would have to get to turn it on for your account.

I don’t have it, so can not test it. My expectation is that once it is turned on, you would only need to change the link in Board B to link to both boards A and C. Then, everything should just work.