Keep Views in Alphabetical Order

We have a board with many views and it’s getting very frustrating working between them. I know you can set favourites but we need a way to keep all views in a set order. When you’re hopping between 5 views very similarly named (Reports - 2019, Reports - 2019 Dashboard, Reports - 2020, Reports - 2020 Dashboard, Reports - 2022, Reports - 2022 Dashboard) makes more sense to keep them in order.

I second this.

It would also be helpful to be able to manually re-order Board Views.

I third this - come on Monday, lets do this!!

Yes, I agree - manual re-ordering would be a life saver!

I expected to be able to drag them from left to right to reorder.

Hi @GaryS @brittom @Ben_Muncaster and @Carlee !

This is a feature that others on the community have also talked about!

I would encourage you to add your specific use case and vote here for this use case to increase the feature demand.

The more votes the more attention that it gives to

Hope this helps!

Yes, I would love to be able to manually rearrange the order of the tabs/views in a board.

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Done that - thanks for the heads up

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